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Making up the backbone

Together we make up the backbone of this company with various skills brought to bear on our many projects. Our main goal this year is to produce Faith, my original dramatic screenplay, into a feature film for the public.


Screenwriter, Executive Producer

My name is Irving Towne, and I am a theatrical producer from Amsterdam, New York. I have six years of producing experience in radio drama and two in theatre drama. My dream is to live a life filled with expression and dramatics.

My goal is to partially fund “Faith” an original screenplay of mine, into a completed film. It is a story of loss and redemption and, due to health reasons, it took me almost a year to complete so I want to see it done. Movie making is a complex endeavor with a complication around every turn and I cannot know the future, yet. But I am assembling a skilled and reliable staff to help me, so I won’t be shouldering it alone.

I will, in the pages to follow, showcase the actors, directors, producers that will help me bring the unreality to reality.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Harold Bryant

Associate Producer

Harold Bryant is the associate producer for "Faith" and he is the support and structure for our company, and the key to our production capability.
He has 15 years of experience in film and video production; he has worked on many feature and independent films, documentaries, reality shows, and commercials, both in Hollywood and around the Capital Region. He has worked in many positions on a film shoot and currently works for the NY State Assembly doing video for them as well as on many personal, creative projects of his own.


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