A moral fable, based on a true story, of Jason and his faith crisis and resulting struggle with God. Jason has issues, because of a life of traumatic childhood abuse, disappointments and frustrations build until a single experience sparks a negative reaction and he begins to abandon his tenuous faith in the providence of God. Told in flashbacks and memories, the story of Jason evolves into a lesson study on God’s relationship with Jason and the world and attempts to answer some basic questions about God’s existence and fairness,  and infallibility.

Currently in development. 


An original feature length drama depicting life for five families living through the Covid-19 crisis in an Upstate New York mill town. The residents face hardship with humor and fortitude and varying degrees of faith. It is a story of the unsung, the common everyday people whose stories may not have been heard through all the hype and disinformation. A project in pre-production from an original screenplay by Irving Towne.